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  • All-in-One Scanner
  • All-in-One Scanner
  • All-in-One Scanner

All-in-One Scanner

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An Elegant Desktop Piece of Art

document camera
Unique Design | Solid Uni-body Construction | Made of Aluminum | Stylish Metallic Finish | Precise Computer Numerical Control (CNC).

 Most affordable and more Portable!

All-in-One Scanner is a revolutionary book scanner that covers all your scanning needs! Featuring our patented "curve-flatten technology", auto-focus, auto page-turning detecting, it scans books even faster, with an incredible of 1 second per page, so scanning an entire book will only take you minutes. Along with a lot more features, this is your perfect scanning companion.


Scan An Entire Book Minutes

Using a traditional scanner to scan books is exhausting. Existing machines’ bulky size and price also mean it’s not for everyone. That’s why we set out to create All-in-One Scanner. Thanks to its auto-focus and auto page-turning detecting, plus a super handy foot pedal for hands-free operation, All-in-One Scanner is the fastest scanner on the market. It allows you to scan at an incredible one second per page - so you can easily scan an entire 300-page book, book in 10 minutes or so.

Convert Scanned Pages Into Editable Text Files 

With OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality, All-in-One Scanner enables you to transfer scanned pages into editable files, which elevates scanning possibilities to a whole new level. With over 180 languages supported, this powerful scanner gets it all done! Bring an entire library with you everywhere you go! 

Curve-Flatten Technology!

Featuring a raft of cutting-edge technologies, All-in-One Scanner makes scanning a breeze. With our patented Curve-Flatten Technology, it automatically removes curvature and saves you the time-consuming awkwardness of flattening pages by hand. Along with other features including Correct Position, Multi-target ScanningRemove Fingerprint, Smart Paging, Purify Background, and more, this is really the best scanning you can achieve!

Remove Fingerprint

Auto Page-Mending

Correct Position Functionality

Multi-target Scanning

You can bring the All-in-One Scanner anywhere.

Innovative Lighting

Patented side lights evenly reveal the whole document for a precise, balanced scan, while eliminating glare from glossy pages, such as certificates, magazines, and laminated documents.

Preserve All Yours Crystal Clear Memories!

Memories are a precious asset. All-in-One Scanner helps to make them permanent. Producing amazing 13 full-sized megapixel hi-res scans at 340 DPI, All-in-One Scanner gives you crystal clear scanning quality. Besides books and documents, it can also scan a wide range of things, such as your ID, passport, receipts, stamps, bar codes, QR codes, even your kids’ first drawings, and toys.

Scan All Types of Documents

Proprietary Technology: Exclusive Ingenuity + AI Algorithm
It scans flat single pages as well as bound books and documents simply and easily. Its revolutionary “Book Curve Flattening” technology solves the problem of having to unbind books before scanning.  Proprietary “Book Curve Flattening” technology utilizes three precise laser lines for incredible scanning accuracy and image clarity.

Multi-target Scanning


Video Recording Perfect For Presenting 

Pictures not enough for your scanning needs? How about videos? All-in-One Scanner has new video-recording functionality, which allows you to record a video while you are scanning. This really comes in handy for office presentation, or for teachers.

Super Portable! 

Although All-in-One Scanner is extremely powerful, its portable size will amaze you. Weighing only 1 kg, and with its compact size, this is easily the most portable scanner on the market. Take it with you anywhere work takes you, - the library, office, coffee shop, airport lounge, home, wherever!

Wherever You Need!

Tired of using a traditional scanner? Try All-in-One Scanner. You are not restricted to where you happen to have your scanner set up? Bring All-in-One Scanner anywhere you go! Scanning on the go has never been easier!

Extra Accessories In The Box

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